New Orthodontic Specific Brush Head

PROBLEM: white spots animation Many people are overjoyed to have their braces removed, only to be greeted with the sight of white spot damage all over their newly straightened teeth. Plaque can remain undisturbed quite easily for 3 weeks or longer in small patches that just can't be seen. The most common source of white spots is from the acid produced by dental bacteria that live in plaque long enough so that it starts leeching out the calcium from the enamel - a process called "decalcification". These white spots are typically discovered when brackets are removed, and is one of the largest problems that exists today in the ortho industry. White spot lesions on teeth can be an early sign of tooth decay formation.

How White Spots Form

White Spots form in those regions where dental plaque has been allowed to remain on a tooth's surface for extended periods of time. When dental plaque accumulates on the enamel surface of a tooth, the bacteria that live in the plaque excrete acid waste products that can dissolve away a portion of the enamel's mineral content. This loss in mineral content causes a visible change in the enamel's appearance. It loses its gloss and shine and instead appears chalky.

SOLUTION: ortho drawing

The challenge is consistently removing plaque and stain that accumulates around the dental brackets. This notoriously difficult area is often neglected by a traditional toothbrush. To prevent this, the makers of 30 Second Smile developed the innovative Orthodontic Specific Brush Head, which has a special bristle configuration to not only clean the teeth and gums like our standard heads, but also clean the hard to reach areas around dental brackets. The result is peace of mind that these difficult areas are being cleaned automatically. That is the simple solution to preventing white spots...keeping the teeth free of plaque. As you can see in the illustration, the Orthodontic Specific Brush Head is equipped with an additional row of bristles, angled to automatically insure that these areas are cleaned.

Demo video that illustrates how the new ortho brush attacks theses areas where plaque and stain accumulate on orthodontic patients: