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How 30 Second Smile works

The 30 Second Smile toothbrush uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back, and biting surfaces, simultaneously. That's why brushing only 30 seconds is like brushing 3 minutes with a single-headed toothbrush. Here's the math.

With the 30 Second Smile System you get a precise cleaning each and every time. All you do is bite and guide! The 30 Second Smile toothbrush automatically brushes your teeth by using the preferred method recommended by dentists and periodontists (the Bass brushing technique). And, its patented "can't make a mistake" design automatically positions the bristles at the perfect 45 degree angle for powering away dangerous plaque, massaging your gums, and helping save your teeth. Perfectly cleans front, back and biting services all at the same time.

All single-headed toothbrushes, manual or powered, rotary or sonic, even those with feed-back sensors, all share a common requirement of 2 minutes or more of user skill and dexterity in order to deliver effective results. Many brushes provide timers to encourage brushing for 2 minutes or more. Nevertheless, the average brushing time is a mere 38 seconds, a significant factor when considering habits that are contributing to poor oral health.

bristle position end view

One can reasonably assume that nothing is going to suddenly make people spend more time brushing their teeth. And with regard to user skill, it is unlikely that people will suddenly gain the skill needed to position toothbrushes correctly, thereby improving oral cleansing results. Dental professionals have been diligently teaching people how to use all sorts of toothbrushes for decades, yet statistics show that there has been no real change in the incidence of cavities and gum disease. Nothing will change unless the toothbrush is truly reinvented to address these two problems head on; brushing time and human error.


The Solution:
The world needs a major dose of toothbrush innovation. The solution is a toothbrush that can deliver superior results in 30 seconds of use and does not rely on user skill and dexterity to deliver effective results. In addition to resolving issues related to brushing time and human error, the solution must be: portable, user friendly, safe, comfortable/easy to use, and affordable. Hydrabrush/30 Second Smile is the only automatic self-positioning power toothbrush technology that solves these problems and meets the additional criteria. It has 6 micro brushes that completely surround the teeth and gums, delivering 6 times the brushing action, thereby cleaning 6 times faster than any single headed toothbrush, even faster than the current 38 second average brushing time. HydraBrush/30SS has taken the leap to design a toothbrush with true innovation vs. classic renovation. The HydraBrush/30 Second Smile brushes teeth and gums perfectly every time without user input, dexterity, or effort.

The brush is so effective that it has the potential to improve the overall health of the user. Incorrect brushing is behind massive health issues including gum disease, heart problems, and diabetes.