About Us


HydraBrush, Inc. is a California based Specialty Oral Care Products Company founded in January 2000, preceded by 14 years of intense R & D for the product.

Our focus and specialty is state-of-the-art oral care innovations. HydraBrush, Inc. manufactures and distributes powered toothbrushes that virtually automate proper and thorough brushing of the teeth and gums. 30 Second Smile, our inaugural and flagship product, was recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "Oral and Dental Care Product of the Year Award." HydraBrush Inc.'s core technology is an advanced configuration of 6 microbrushes that surround the six surfaces of the teeth simultaneously. It is the first power brush that automatically enables the user to receive proper oral care, thoroughly and correctly, in 30 seconds or less. 30 Second Smile provides the ultimate means of maintaining unmatched high levels of comprehensive oral hygiene at an affordable price. When used regularly, the product will improve gum tissue health in nearly every case.



To revolutionize the way people care for their teeth and gums by providing exceptionally innovative products that are fast, effective, easy to use, and have a profound/positive impact on the oral health of people worldwide.

Commitment to Quality

We don't just want to obtain new customers. It is extremely important to us that our customers are happy with their purchase. The most critical aspect of customer satisfaction is a product that is safe, effective, and lasts. In order to manifest these goals, we have invested the time and money to implement a Quality Management System. This system focuses on assuring that our manufacturing process adheres to strict guidelines that we have established to insure quality components and assembly. There are also procedures in place to monitor customer feedback so we can maintain effectiveness. We are certified to the ISO 13485 Standard, as well as the requirements of the Canadian Medical Devices Conformity Assessment System (CMDCAS).

The registration followed an intensive audit of our quality management system. The auditor examined our quality policy, objectives, operating procedures, record keeping, and interviewed on-site staff. ~details~


We strive to deliver experiences that exceed expectations; trusting that our Customer delight will build loyalty among those who put their oral health trust in 30 Second Smile. We are dedicated to elevating the quality of life of millions of people worldwide by providing innovative products that significantly improve oral health. Further, the Company intends to elevate the overall health of those using its products by positively impacting upon those aliments associated with gum disease, i.e., heart and respiratory diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's, and premature births.