Brushing with 30 Second Smile for 30 seconds is equivalent to brushing 3 minutes with a single-headed brush

Here's the math:
30 Second Smile has 6 microbrushes, effectively covering 6 surfaces simultaneously: Inside top, outside top, chewing surface top, inside bottom, outside bottom, and chewing surface bottom.
30 seconds
X 6 heads
= 180 brushing seconds (3 minutes)

Toothbrushing doesn't have to be a chore

Consider this: Most dental professionals recommend their patients brush and massage their gums at least two minutes every time they brush their teeth. However, studies show that most people spend anywhere from 32 to 69 seconds brushing their teeth.

With 30 Second Smile, you don't need any 'quadrant timers' to make sure you are brushing two minutes. The HydraBrush's unique multi-micro brush head design enables it to perform the same function of a single-headed power toothbrush in 30 seconds, and you can have CONFIDENCE you have brushed not only correctly, but thoroughly. You simply bite into the microbrush heads and guide the brush slowly along the path of the teeth, gently guiding it from the front to the back and back to the front. In this way, 30 Second Smile simultaneously brushes all surfaces of the teeth in far less time.