Ease of Use Commendation

The Power Handle provides a gentle back and forth motion, eliminating the need for the user to perform a 'brushing' action. The user simply guides the brush heads along the teeth. The unique design eliminates many opportunities for user error, and cleans teeth more efficiently since all sides of both the upper and lower teeth are brushed simultaneously.

Dr. Brad Fain, PhD., Director, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Ease of Use Clinical Studies

30 Second Smile is the first and only toothbrush, (manual or powered) to receive the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation.

Lightweight and simple to use, 30 Second Smile utilizes 8 micro brushes that make brushing your teeth easy. No more painful twisting and turning for your fingers, wrist, arm and shoulder. No more tedious back and forth, up and down motions that tire your forearm. You simply turn it on, insert the brush head in your mouth, bite gently and guide. The brushes surround your teeth and automatically brush all six surfaces of each tooth--top, bottom, front, back and chewing surfaces--simultaneously. All you do is slowly and gently guide the brush along.