What is 30 Second Smile?


The real advantage of the design is that it is so forgiving; it's made with the knowledge that humans aren't always perfect. Think back to grade school and the movies they showed describing the importance of oral hygiene. They told you to be careful to reach all the surfaces of each tooth. The implication was clear: Dental health is difficult, and if you develop decay or gum disease it's all because you didn't do it right. They were right, and that's the problem. We never achieve the kind of dental health we should have because so few of us really do it the way those films told us. 30 Second Smile Power Toothbrush is designed with cutting edge brushhead technology that allows each tooth to be accessed and thoroughly cleaned. Your teeth are rarely cleaned to the extent they should be, but this can be accomplished with only 30 seconds of using this brush, which actually adjusts the placement of the bristles to their proper place. It gets all the spots that are hard to reach. It also gives your gums a therapeutic massage, which dentists agree is good for gum health. This allows you to do the job correctly each and every time.