NOTE: For those of you relatively new to 30 Second Smile, you probably don't know that the previous name for your product was HydraBrush. We contracted with a company that produced an infomercial for us, and re-branded HydraBrush as "30 Second Smile." Many of the testimonials below were received prior to the re-branding, hence the usage of the name "HydraBrush."

I bought my hydrabrush from The Shopping Channel, where my friend Richard is a host. Richard was given one, and he loves his. He says his teeth feel as clean as when he comes from the dentist. And now, so do mine!!!! What a great toothbrush!

Geraldine Watson, The Shopping Channel, Canada

My husband and I finally got a Hydrabrush! I wanted to write and tell you our experience. I love it. My teeth are so much cleaner than with Sonicare. I literally feel like I came out of the dentist. With Sonicare, I really had to brush correctly to even try and get that effect, and usually it didn't work. This is a completely different level of clean. Thank you for a great product! Three days in, and we couldn't be happier with the investment.

Sincerely, Beth G, Allston, MA 02134

After years of gum problems, my dentist suggested the Hydrabrush. At first I thought the cost was too much, but let me tell you it was well worth it.

I had receding gums and after a couple of months of using the Hydrabrush, the receding stopped and it even improved. It is well worth the cost over dentures and soft food I would end up doing if I didn't use the Hydrabrush.

Greg H., Phoenix, AZ

"I have TMJ and find it EXTREMELY difficult to open my mouth when brushing. Your toothbrush is going to save me. I had my first brush just 5 minutes ago, after FEDEX delivered and I could feel the difference in the interior of my mouth."

Raul S, Waldorf, MD

Love this 'brush'! I've used many other 'good' brushes ie; sonic, etc. easy to use and fast, but you hate to stop because it feels so good. Thank you!!

Patricia Somner, CANADA

"I bought My Hydrabrush a couple of months ago and I just LOVE it ! I am a lazy brusher and sometimes Ok Lets be honest here Quite often I would skip brushing my teeth and would seldom floss them. Well now suffering from gum disease and also having to go and have my roots scraped sent me looking for a better way to keep my teeth clean and I needed something that I would want to use all the time I have found it with the Hydrabrush and use it twice daily. It is a absolute Godsend My teeth never felt so good I have a appt with my dentist at the end of next month and I cant wait to go to show him how good my teeth are looking."

Denise L, Underwood, MN

"I can hardly wait to get up in the morning and get my Hydra Brush therapy! I head straight to the toothpaste and Hydra Brush. I find I spend at least double my time brushing because the action of HydraBrush is so soothing to your teeth and gums. When I finish it feels just like I have just returned from a cleaning by the Hygienist at the Dentist's Office! I travel intensely as you do and I have had no battery problems and have yet to re-charge after my initial charging. I've only had the HydraBrush for 3 weeks, but you would have to send in the Militia to take it from me!" Great Product!

Dan P.

My wife brought the Hydrabrush home and I promised to try it. I had tried other electric toothbrushes and found it irritating and more about power than proper function. The Hydrabrush REALLY cleans my teeth! I feel like every surface gets brushed and it's so easy. I even brush my teeth well when I am really tired. It's so simple to use. I had never really been good at brushing my teeth, but now my dentist says he can really tell the difference it has made at my cleanings. Thanks for this great product!

Jared L. P., Austin, Texas

"I was almost ready to send the Hydrabrush back when at first my gums were sore, I guess it was reaching places that I had missed before, but now I can use it no problem, and I love how it brushes all surfaces of the top and bottom teeth in one efficient swoop. Maybe my dentists, the Sunaharas in Haleiwa,should have some sent out for them to try so they can spread the word."

Thanks, Julie C., Kahuku, HI

My wife and I are totally dependant upon your wonderful product. Manual toothbrushes do not cut it any longer.

Michael E., Greenport, NY

Thank you very much for the toothbrush. It works very well and has made my son brush his teeth multiple times a day. I hope we can meet in Florida AADR meeting.

Juan D., Birmingham, AL

Dear Hydra brush consumers,
I have used the products for over 1.5 years now and my dentist can't believe the continued results. I currently use the express model daily but have a hard time keeping it, due to my two boys keep taking them for their selves. It's to a point that everyone in the family has their own Hydra Brush Express. Each time I brush I feel like I just left the Hygienist office. The product is by far the best oral health care system anyone can invest in. The saving of biannual cleaning alone pay for the product. This is the future of tooth brushes as we know it.

Respectfully Submitted,
Richard P.,
Tarpon Springs, Florida

This toothbrush is the best one I've tried...and I've tried a lot. I usually need to have my teeth cleaned every 3 months, but with this brush I can go even longer than 6 months!

Charlot R.,
Greenwood MS

I just had to tell you how much I love the HydraBrush!!! I is absolutely fantastic!!!!

Thanks so much.

Using the HydraBrush makes me feel like I'm really taking care of my teeth and gums. I like the sound and the pressure. I asked my dentist his opinion and he too was impressed!

Owens, R.
San Francisco, CA

I love the brush.

Terry L. Hughes, DDS

I have been using the Hydrabrush for nearly 2 years and everyday I use it I feel like I have had a professional dental office cleaning. When my dentist has performed my six month dental exams he has stated that my gums have improved and look very healthy and this is in no small way attributable to my use of the Hydrabrush product.

Keith S., Dublin, CA

I've been using the Hydrabrush for about 10 months. I feel it does a much better job cleaning my teeth than any other brush I've ever used and I've used a lot as I'm approaching 60! Several times I traveled and didn't have it with me and I really missed it. My gums are much healthier and don't bleed anymore.

Kathy K.,
Plainville, Mass

I've been using the Hydrabrush for about six months. Prior to using the Hydrabrush, I had some symptoms that signaled the onset of gum disease that have now completely cleared up. I'm very pleased with the results.

Jeanne W.,
McLean, Virginia

We ordered our brushes about 6 weeks ago. have really enjoyed our Hydrabrush and feel that it really does a good job of massaging our gums.

Ronnie M.,
Houston, Texas

I bought my HydraBrush three weeks before my six month checkup. I wanted my hygienist to be the final judge on how well it worked.

Three weeks later I had the easiest cleaning on my adult life. I promised to drop of HydraBrush information on my next visit.

John D.,
Pittsburgh, PA

My son, Jordon, was born with a deformed mouth. He has had a very difficult time keeping his teeth clean. Jordon visits his dentist Dr. Graham every two months for a cleaning to avoid any decay. Dr. Graham was very disappointed in the way Jordon was cleaning his teeth and stated that he always had a large amount of plaque every visit. Dr. Graham received information on the HydraBrush and recommended that Jordon try this tooth brush. Jordon has seen excellent results. He has very little plaque build up since using the Hydrabruch. His teeth look whiter. Jordon has had no decay in the past six months. We are very pleased with the results Jordon has had since using the Hydrabrush.

Thank you so much for this fantastic toothbrush.

Julia H.